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Dr. Ellenberger is a skilled developmental optometrist with years of experience in the field. Having witnessed vision disorders first hand, she understands the difficulties and frustrations which come with having these disorders. She has made it her life goal to raise awareness of these disorders, while also offering people hope and renewed confidence through treatment.


Symptoms of Vision Disorders
Blurred vision, blind spots, floaters, double vision, dizziness, problems with depth perception, and problems with eye tracking all could potentially indicate a vision disorder. Left untreated, symptoms can frustrate children and lead to decreased performance in school.


The first step towards determining if you or your child may benefit from vision therapy is a full eye exam by a licensed vision therapist. These exams go beyond the standard "20/20" exam in order to find potential problems in how the brain processes information from the eye, rather than only testing the physical capability of the eye to see.


If being tested for vision therapy, the therapist will evaluate your vision in several areas. These include close vision acuity, eye teaming skills, eye focusing skills, eye movement skills and reversal frequency.


Dr. Ellenberger is a licensed developmental optometrist servicing the patients all over the state and beyond. Our treatments are tailored specifically for each diagnosis, and focus on "training" the eye rather than using corrective lenses. Perfect vision means more than just perfect eyesight: It requires an ability to understand the stimuli the eye is receiving, and process it correctly. Vision therapy focuses on correction of vision difficulties and eye teaming difficulty.


If you or your child has "20/20" vision, but still seem to struggle reading due to blurry or floating words, or if you otherwise have trouble focusing on objects in the near range, call Dr. Ellenberger. We will screen your vision for potential teaming issues. Dr. Ellenberger will create a therapy plan which will strengthen your eye-brain coordination and provide lasting improvement to your ability to not just see, but perceive.


Beginning Therapy